From-Scratch Custom Outreach

The custom outreach program is the same process that our agency arm uses to generate links for our enterprise clients. It's a process that has been built from the ground up spanning multiple years of R&D, and it's what enables us to acquire better links at scale.

How does it work

You tell us the domains and pages you need links for, and then we do the rest.

We'll put together a link of a few thousand target sites, and then we start outreaching each and every one of them.

We'll have discussions, negotiate on target URLs and anchor text, and even create an article if that's what it takes.

The goal is to get you links that your competition cannot get, and to reach out to websites that will benefit you not just now, but years into the future as well.

With Tailored Pitch's custom outreach, you'll never run out of quality websites because we'll be finding new ones for you every single month.

Ready to stop hopping around from vendor to vendor every few months?

Based Links

Over the years, we've built up relationships with many different sites that we are able to acquire links from. These sites are constantly analyzed to ensure they continue to adhere to our quality standards.

If you've read our Manifesto, you know how stringent we are, and you know that we don't let a single metric dictate our decisions.

Are you especially meticulous about the types of sites you let link to your domains?

Then you'll love our Concierge Team, who will work with you to find the absolute perfect links for your sites.

We have a significant ongoing effort to deepen and expand our relationships with these sites each and every month, which means you'll get new choices on a recurring basis.

Ready to stop hopping around from vendor to vendor every few months?