The Optimal Approach For SEO

One of the biggest challenges for any SEO is increasing rankings and traffic in a manner that will simultaneously get both quick results and lasting results.

A lot of strategies and efforts over the years have been constructed in order to shorten the time it takes for SEO to “kick in”.

One could argue that this tactic might be preferable at the beginning of an engagement or a project. Although, we’d say time is better spent making those initial changes through page tuning than link building. And we’d also say that long-lasting quality links get recognized and kick in faster than the alternatives.

But you could still try to make the argument ;)

We’ve been in the game for long enough to know how trends evolve over time.

We have senior partners at our agency who have been in the SEO world for over 15 years.

We have clients who we’ve been working with for many years straight.

Keep in mind, at our agency, we build links at scale for our clients.

We typically are in the 80-100 links per month range
(not just links, but “our links”, our formulas, our quality).

That’s a lot of firepower, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. Imagine how much damage could be done to a website with 1,200 links that don’t scale into the future.

As you can imagine, these clients and businesses aren’t exactly small. Which is why it’s not surprising that they’ve always said the same thing to us:

“We need to be successful now, but we also need to achieve sustainable growth through the future. We need to build upon the successes that we have and manage our risk while we do it.”

The idea of risk management really struck us, and we started to develop our
strategies as a form of risk management as well.




Combing through industry after industry
whenever a big algorithm update occurred


Repeating this process
methodically for years

Is it possible to really create a “future-proof” strategy in SEO?

We think so.

Which is why we hold the controversial stance...

We Love Massive Google Algorithm Updates

For most companies in the SEO industry, big algorithm updates are a bit of a nerve-wracking event.

Did that client or website
emerge a winner?

Did you wind up doing
something right?

Or wrong?

We see algorithm updates through a different lens: did we get confirmation from Google that we are headed on the right path?

After studying trends for a long enough period of time, we concluded that it was and is possible to determine the broad direction that Google is moving in. Sure, it’s not possible to predict that keyword density is weighted less this time, or that shorter pages are seemingly rewarded in the latest update. But there is something that is completely predictable:

Google is on a never-ending quest to get the absolute “perfect” search result for the user in question.

And there’s something else that is completely predictable

the more ways people “trick” Google into manufacturing an imperfect search result, the more the definition of what Google considers to be trustworthy will shrink over time. It will consolidate, just as naturally as the capitalistic society that we live in. There will be fewer categories of “winners” and the winners will be larger in nature.

Thus, the leniency of “SEO Strategies” will shrink over time. Strategies that served more as loopholes from the past WILL get closed, and the businesses and agencies who depended too heavily on them WILL find themselves out in the cold.

It is inevitable.

So what’s the solution?

For us to build our strategies around the fundamentals that will guide Google tomorrow

SEO Metrics

One of the biggest problems that we see in SEO is the idea that "one metric rules all"

"If a website gets organic traffic from Google, it is good to get a link from"

"If it has a certain DR or DA, it's good to get a link from"

"If the URL or domain has a certain keyword in it, it is good to get a link from"

"If the site has a certain relevance, it is good to get a link from"

If we rely solely on metrics to determine the value of a link, we are endangering ourselves in two ways:


Metrics change
over time


Certain metrics become more
or less adopted over time

Relying on DA was a great idea!

Until ahrefs started crawling more than Bing and DR became more precise.

Which worked perfectly

Until the community realized that organic traffic, in addition to DR, mattered too.

Which was no problem

Until people realized that organic traffic from relevant keywords mattered a lot more than anticipated.

Which worked great

until there was a need to start factoring in external link quality and quantity into the equation.

This process WILL continue indefinitely…

Unless you can get out ahead of it.

That’s where we believe Google is headed. And that’s what everything that we put together at Tailored Pitch is through the lens of what will matter most in the future.

Watch what happens when you tell your client you are building strategies that not only will work today, but will reduce their business risk in this channel for years to come. Their eyes will light up.

Yes, in order to generate the most helpful and long lasting links, it takes both a very deep understanding of SEO and a very structured process around evaluating a website opportunity. And there needs to be a large taskforce who can execute everything.

That is the “secret sauce” that has taken years to successfully develop at our agency. And that is the exact methodology that we apply to everything that we do at Tailored Pitch.

The Responsibility We Have

There is one final elephant in the room that we feel should be called out explicitly.

If you get a link that everyone else in your industry gets too,
it’s like nothing happened.

If a site will hand out links to anyone, for any reason,
the value of that link goes down.

If a link building vendor looks at each site
as a cash grab to sell as many links as possible,
the value of that link to the client will plummet.

Let’s be honest, that’s probably happening a lot in our industry.

As shepherds of links for a large community, this may be a bit of a taboo topic. But the reality is, ultimately, you come to us for one single reason:

To get the greatest possible benefit to your website.

It’s worth saying:

We know why you are here.

We take the sacred trust you’ve given to us seriously.

We’re thinking about the same things too.

We have the same cares and concerns.

In order to accomplish our mutual goals, we have to act in the same manner that you would.

That’s why, when you use our services, they will be provided to you in a way that aims to get you (and your clients) the greatest possible benefit for the longest time possible.

That’s how we’ve been running out business, and that’s how we can best help yours.

-Tailored Pitch Team